Time For The People In The United States To Stand Up To The NFL As They Totally Disrespect Our Flag

It is Time for the people in the United States to Stand up to the NFL as they totally disrespect our Flag. A total boycott of the NFL is necessary this means all of the sponsors, the television stations, and the games.

We do not have to give up football just the arrogant NFL and there anti American antics. Roger Goodell refuses to stand up for what is right, so do not support the advertisers, the stadiums, and the whole tax free NFL.

Really what would happen if you bought a ticket on an airplane and the attendant starting bringing up there personal opinions against our country would the airlines allow it? How about a service provider for your cable company I don’t think so.

Why do we put up with it from these overpaid athletes who think we pay our money to here there complaints about our country. We pay to see them perform not to hear there grievances with everything we find great in our country.

Men and women died for these arrogant athletes to spit in there face by kneeling during our National Anthem. Boycott the NFL.