President Donald Trump Launches Petition Against NFL Anti American Antics

President Donald Trump Launches petition against NFL anti American antics. President Trump has been a prominent voice in the controversy over NFL players refusing to stand for the anthem to protest the racial injustice in America.

If you would like to sign the petition you can do that here. Stand for the Anthem Petition

Many players across the league doubled down by kneeling, locking arms, and sometimes sitting for the national anthem after the president called on owners to fire players who did so.

He has called the players’ actions “disgraceful” and remarked that seeing military veteran amputees reminded him how important it is to stand for the anthem and respect the military.

It is ridiculous to hear these players try to justify there actions while millions of Americans who just want to enjoy watching football are held hostage by these ungrateful millionaires who continue to show no respect for there fans, the soldiers who died for this country or anyone, but for there own agenda. It is terrible.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said this week that “everyone should stand for the national anthem” but will not change the league’s policy to require players to stand, as the NBA does. Roger Goodell will go down in history as being the worst commissioner of any sport in the world.

He continues to watch as the NFL disintegrates before our eyes.