About us

Hello and welcome to our news and information site regarding the ongoing boycotts of the NFL “National Football League” Please do NOT use this site as a hate site or a raciest site, this is meant to be a patriotic site supporting the American way and honoring our patriots and our country. We were founded to supply information regarding the boycott and the information about the athletes and the league that was once a part of our American heritage. But is currently being used as a divisive tool to divide our great country make a mockery of the great patriots who fought and died for our freedom and all freedom we embrace in this great nation.

We can make a difference by supporting the boycott and letting the advertisers and the league know we will not support there anti american ways and we will not let them destroy the game which we all know and love. Please feel free to post your blog and signup for more information regarding the boycott. Thank you for your support and your participation in this site.